Find quality tenant

We provide free professional and useful advice and tips to stage your rental property to be attractive for prospective tenants and make sure it is compliance with tenancy law and new regulation for rental industry. The next step we will publish your rental property with all resources of public media and our data base to help you find the most suitable tenants. We are reachable and quick response for potential tenants and will have an interview mode to find out themselves and their backgrounds. We will do all checks as well to help find furthermore information and help the prospective tenants. Then we will pass to you to do final decision.

Whatever you want to manage yourself or give us to manage, we will try out best to keep your update all information and communication to get your maximum of rental income and securing the right tenants.

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Comprehensive property Management

We manged hundreds of rental properties with our years of management experience and professional industry performance.

We take care of your rental properties and manage them to make sure your rental property is in safe hands and protect your interest as well. We provide different type of investment properties, likes rental house, apartments, rooms or holiday house. There are also different packages for you to choose the best one for you and your rental property.

We have zero tolerance for rent arrears and keep 0% rent arrears for the large portfolio. Also, we conduct regular rent review and property routine inspections to keep the property in market rent level and in good condition. We will keep you updates all information for the property in transparent way to communicate for the rental market and market trends. We will give you advise and feedback for your rental properties and suggestion on any improvement to get a maximise your financial returns.

We have different function working teams, letting team, property management team and accounting team. All of teams will work together to help your rental property rent quickly, maintain well and have a clear account record.

We set up a good relationship with local tradesman in all aspect of maintenance area. So when you need to maintenance your property, we are happy to help you organise and provide qualified related tradesman.

We make our management fee is very reasonable and compatible, there is no any hided fee included at all.

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Free Rental Appraisal Service

We provided free rental appraisal for all our management properties based on the current market rent. We could make a date for checking your property onsite and give you a comprehensive, accurate rent appraisal in writing.

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